Closing Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

So, it has been a whirlwind of stuff over the last 2 weeks. I’m exhausted and have been fighting some sort of sickness. I finally made it to the clinic this weekend. I’m fighting a really nasty ear infection, sinus infection with some bronchitis mixed in. So, it’s been fun.

A week ago, we closed on our former home. Not gonna lie. I shed a few tears. Closing seemed to be going very well. Until it didn’t. I was by myself save for my wonderful realtors. RJ couldn’t be there because of his new job. Though, it would have been really nice to have the additional support when everything immediately seemed to be going south.

We had finished signing the actual closing documents, waiting for the loan to fund and waiting for them to hand me my check. The title company agent came in and informed us that there was an issue and hopefully it would only take 30-45 minutes to correct. So we all sat there talking and realizing just how much RJ and I had in common with the new owners. The wife and I have the exact same wedding ring (different color stone), our alarm code words are exactly the same, their names are Keri and Patrick, ours are Kerri and Rick. The similarities just kept piling up. Pretty crazy. So after about an hour and a half of vague updates we were told that closing would not actually finish and I’d be walking away without any money and the new owners would have no access to their new home. This is where I needed RJ. I wanted to cry. I wanted to crumble. It was such a long road to get there and it might all fall apart.

The issue was the buyer’s loan paperwork stated that she needed to sell her previous property before they could purchase our home. This wasn’t what they were approved on though. So, thankfully it was just a clerical error. But, when someone if holding that much money over your head and the loan company doesn’t seem to have their -ish together, it can be pretty disheartening. 24 hours later the problem was fixed and our money was funded. No matter how smooth things seem to go, something ALWAYS goes wrong. Usually it just doesn’t start to fall apart AFTER you’ve finished signing all the paperwork. ;)

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    Phew, glad it worked out! I was in the same boat as you (having to deal with house stuff without the husband being there) and I vividly recall thinking it was all just too much for any one person to handle on their own. That’s so crazy how much you guys have in common with the new buyers!

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    Oh no, that sounds so stressful. Really, any part of home-selling (or buying) is super stressful but then to have to go through that at the end of it all – not fun! So glad it worked out in the end!

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    O wow, that’s crazy! I actually work for a mortgage company and I don’t understand how that can happen. But I’m glad it got worked out, and congratulations on selling the house.

    Feel better soon!

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      I KNOW! It was nuts… I mean there was literally nothing else to do. All I could do was sit back and pray that things would continue to move forward. Thankfully, it all worked out! ;)

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