Woah… That’s What I’m Talking About

So… apparently sending a stern email really gets people moving! You’ll remember that we sent an email last week asking when everything was going to get back on track… WELL…. to my utter delight, the very next day they began hanging drywall and prepping the house for stucco! It was quite a disaster when we walked in so getting decent photos of anything but the great room was difficult… But, here we are…

Of course we start out with my favorite view. I’ve spent so long staring at the opening and then the opening and the studs that I still wasn’t 100% sure that I was head over heels in love with them…

Yep. It’s love.

There was a TON of drywall laying around and in the way so this was the best I could do from this angle.

Here is the house being prepped for stucco. I’m sure that the workers were thrilled when I was running around like a maniac taking photos around them. 😉


This week should see big changes as well. They should finish hanging all of the drywall, begin mudding said drywall and stucco the outside. Fantastic. Can’t wait!


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