Frustrated! | Building a House in Tampa Bay

So, RJ and I went away for the weekend to (belatedly) celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. In the meantime, we could not track progress at the house. Doesn’t sound  like a big deal, right? Well, normally I would say that, except so much has gone wrong and not been built the way it should be. Upon getting back late yesterday afternoon, we swung by the house to see what was done.

We walked in to the great room where our master bedroom is built off of. We noticed this massive gap under the bedroom door. We’ve noticed large gaps in other homes, but this is unacceptable to us. The average gap is 3/4″ from the flooring to the bottom of the door. This gap is over 2 inches from the tile to the bottom of the door. If I laid down on the ground you’d see the majority of my face. Completely and totally unacceptable. I mean, for the sheer fact that your privacy is taken down to about zero in your own master bedroom. Most of the doors in the house were cut this way. No no no no no. Not a happy girl.

Oh! Annnnnd, they were installed backwards. Awesome, right?!?


Now let’s meander over to my office space. I noticed last Wednesday that the wrong doors had been delivered to be installed. We are supposed to have 16(ish)-paned french doors. I immediately wrote an email pointing this fact out so that they might prevent these doors from being installed. and jump on the ball getting the correct doors. But, sadly, nope. Not the case. We walked in to these installed. *sigh* So another email sent.


What gets me most is that the issues that have been identified in the house have come from us. Our builder has not located any of the issues in the home. Now, our builder has been moved to another community and we have a new builder who has been unresponsive to date. Our move date was already pushed 6 weeks back to the end of August (we should be moving this week). We currently have a running list of about 13 issues that still need to be addressed, not including the two above. If we weren’t detailed-oriented, I swear nothing in the house would be right… Every issue equals more delays and pushes us further and further behind.

We’re reaching the end of our rope pretty quickly… :/


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