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So lots of stuff has happened. Our drywall is up and textured. The outside of the house has been stuccoed and if it would ever stop raining they’ll paint at some point. But, yesterday was an exciting day for us… They actually began laying our tile. The tile will extend throughout the main downstairs living area (excluding the master bedroom and den). The master bedroom and den will both be carpeted until we can save up some $$$ to install the bamboo flooring we want. It was cheaper for us to do it this way since we weren’t huge fans of the laminate flooring offered at the Design Center, plus, they quality of their choices wasn’t exactly great.


Here is a close-up of the tile.


We are very happy with how the tile is looking. It’s a very neutral tile and will go great with grays or beiges or anything else. They should be done tiling today not sure if they’ll have time to grout. If I had to guess, I’d assume grouting will be tomorrow. After they are done tiling the floors, they’ll begin tiling the bathrooms and showers. All of the bathrooms will have the same tile floors. We wanted them to feel cohesive throughout the house.

Lots of things will be happening in the house over the next few weeks. It’s nice to finally see it all start to come together. It’s finally looking like a house. So excited to see what happens next.


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      thank you! it’s one of my favorite things in the house. minus this weird light that they have to install per code – but we’ll be removing that…

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