Another Day… Another Problem…

This Sunday we took my in-laws to view the progress on the house. When we got there workers were prepping the house for paint. You can imagine my excitement, right? Well, a couple of hours later that came crashing down. We had to drive back down to the house after lunch because RJ left his sunglasses at our friends. We drive back by the house and immediately I notice that they’ve painted part of the house the wrong color. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me. But, seeing as I was staring at a list of 26 items that we’ve been telling our construction supervisor of things that were in need of correction, I was not a happy girl. You see that tiny splotch of cocoa colored paint at the top left of the house? The color is also supposed to be on the front of the house above the garage and the side part leading to above the front doors. The only thing that is supposed to be butterscotch colored is the area with the 3 windows. Also, the painters didn’t even finish trimming out the house, they just left it. It’s unfortunate because it’s such a beautiful area and the homes are gorgeous, but our experience has been less than stellar so far.



Luckily, the new Super contacted me first thing Monday and scheduled a meeting with me that afternoon. We spent the 3 o’clock hour walking through the house going over every concern and issue that we’ve been trying to get resolved for months. I felt more comfortable with him in 40 minutes than I ever did with the original Super. I have a lot of faith in his ability. They’ll be fixing all the issues that we have and making sure that we are happy before closing comes about. With the old Super, I know that there are several families still awaiting resolution and they’ve been in their homes for several months. We want to avoid that at all costs. Overall, things should really start coming together here in the next couple weeks. We are only about 30 days from closing!!!


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    Awe I hope it all works out… building a dream home should never be a bad experience. It’s supposed to be fun! Things will turn around for you guys. I just know it will.

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