Adoption Consultants

So, I suppose I will begin talking about where we start with an adoption. We have learned over the years that everyone has their own opinion. Some believe that we should still be trying to have our own biological child. Some believe we should attempt egg donation. Some believe we should begin the foster process and adopt that way. Some believe we should go international with our adoption. While we respect each and everyone’s opinion, we have to do what works best for us. I can’t physically put myself through any more fertility treatments. Egg donation does not have a guaranteed happy ending. The State of Florida has a terrible foster-to-adopt program. International is very time-consuming and very pricey or has so much red tape you do not get to bring your baby home until they are much older. But, one thing that remains the same is the fact that most of our friends and family are shocked that our last attempt at anything was July 2009. Time heals all.

You see, RJ and I have a tendency to be fairly impulsive people. We want something, we get it. But, deciding to adopt have been fraught with questions, research, more research, horror stories and doubt. We know that there is a baby or babies out there for us. It’s just a matter of time, expectations and money. In our many years of research, we’ve found a company that will help us through the adoption process. They are consultants that help you through every step of the process, helping adoptive parents create their ‘look-book’ for prospective birth mothers, choosing states where the laws are friendlier for adoptive parents, doing risk analysis on any birth mother that may pick your profile to determine her likelihood of NOT going through with the adoption (read: losing a lot of money). The company we’ve chosen has had great success with lessening the typical timeframe that an adoption can take. All things that are very important to both of us.

We’ll be meeting with them soon and start this crazy journey to finally become parents. :)
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