So, it’s been a while! Things have been insane since school started for me again…. work blew up, school started, we were packing, moving, getting settled, family commitments, etc… Not to mention having all the little things that needed to be fixed by the builder fixed…

I should preface this by letting you know that with ALL the issues with the house, Taylor Morrison really worked to make them right. At the end of the day we are very happy. But, a little butt kissing doesn’t hurt either.

We moved in over Labor Day weekend. We are currently still digging out of boxes and both of our jobs (plus school for me) have been crazy insane. Lots of late nights and weekends involved. Slowly but surely we are settling in and making this place feel more like home.

I was a bad blogger and didn’t get any photos of this place before it was stacked with boxes and furniture, etc. So I apologize for that… We have a lot in store over the next couple of months. Paint… LOTS and LOTS of paint… New furniture, artwork to hang, backslashes to install, stairwells to update, window treatments to figure out, things to build, hardware to install/replace, etc… Tune in… There’s a lot in store!

For now, here is a shot of our living/kitchen/dining room combo. We installed the pendants over the island and the figure in the dining nook as well as the fan… Again, bad blogger, not photos of those happening. But, I think you get the picture. ;)


ps – forgive the little black blob on the floor next to the couch.. It’s one of our pups… :)

Total Sadsies…

I REALLLLLLLY wish I could tell you that this post was filled with pretty photos of a home that was just a couple of week from completion. But, alas, it’s not. In my last post, I talked about how I was a little taken back by the granite that they installed. I’ve gone back no less than 10 times to look at it. It just hasn’t set well with me. So, finally, RJ and I looked at one of the other homes under construction which also had it’s granite installed. It was then, that we totally realized that they installed the wrong granite. Not just in the kitchen, but in our master bathroom as well. Queue two not very happy campers. Along with a slew of additional issues we found with the house, not much has happened in the last couple of weeks.

Anywho… They installed our sidewalks and driveway. The paint color looks pretty funky here, but it was super bright outside and I was less than pleased, so I didn’t pay too much attention to it. They still haven’t fixed the paint on the front of the house. I also wish you could see the amazingly terrible streaky mess of a paint job that occurred on the top level.

So much to do. So much to be fixed. Right now, we feel like our August close date is swiftly slipping away from us. Hopefully, RJ will be having a meeting with the supervisor at the house sometime in the next few days. Here’s to a better week. ;)


The Kitchen is Coming Together

So, very slowly things are getting done to the house. We are supposed to close in 25 days – which means the house has to be completed in about 18 days. Having a hard time seeing that happening at this point, but they could totally surprise me.

In other news… Our granite was installed the other day. I am always so totally unprepared when it comes to photos of this house. I promise one day I’ll take my good camera with me and take better ones.

This is the kitchen from the great room. On the far left wall, we will have double ovens and a microwave installed. On the back wall, the fridge and gas cooktop will be installed. On the sink side, the dishwasher will be just to the right of the sink from this view.
kitchen granite 2


I’ll be quite honest, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the granite when I walked into the house. It was very different from the sample that we were shown at the design center. This granite reads much more taupe/goldy than I was expecting. There are also large areas of black strewn throughout. I spent some more time over there yesterday inspecting the granite and just taking a step back to look at them. RJ was a little thrown to begin with as well. Since we both expected a more creamy looking background to the granite. However, the countertops complement our cabinets nicely. So, in the end, I think they’ll be good. My only regret is the size of the crown moulding on the cabinets. We should have sprung for the larger crown so it would look more substantial. Overall, we are very pleased.

We have a very neutral palette throughout the house. This was intentional so that the look would remain classic and never outdated. Some of the appliances were installed yesterday, however, I wanted to wait for the rest (minus the fridge and already installed range hood) to be installed before sharing those photos.

Hopefully, they’ll correct the office doors this week – the correct doors were delivered yesterday. From what it appears, they will be moving the current office doors to replace the too tall cut master bedroom doors. Fingers crossed!

Another Day… Another Problem…

This Sunday we took my in-laws to view the progress on the house. When we got there workers were prepping the house for paint. You can imagine my excitement, right? Well, a couple of hours later that came crashing down. We had to drive back down to the house after lunch because RJ left his sunglasses at our friends. We drive back by the house and immediately I notice that they’ve painted part of the house the wrong color. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me. But, seeing as I was staring at a list of 26 items that we’ve been telling our construction supervisor of things that were in need of correction, I was not a happy girl. You see that tiny splotch of cocoa colored paint at the top left of the house? The color is also supposed to be on the front of the house above the garage and the side part leading to above the front doors. The only thing that is supposed to be butterscotch colored is the area with the 3 windows. Also, the painters didn’t even finish trimming out the house, they just left it. It’s unfortunate because it’s such a beautiful area and the homes are gorgeous, but our experience has been less than stellar so far.



Luckily, the new Super contacted me first thing Monday and scheduled a meeting with me that afternoon. We spent the 3 o’clock hour walking through the house going over every concern and issue that we’ve been trying to get resolved for months. I felt more comfortable with him in 40 minutes than I ever did with the original Super. I have a lot of faith in his ability. They’ll be fixing all the issues that we have and making sure that we are happy before closing comes about. With the old Super, I know that there are several families still awaiting resolution and they’ve been in their homes for several months. We want to avoid that at all costs. Overall, things should really start coming together here in the next couple weeks. We are only about 30 days from closing!!!

Frustrated! | Building a House in Tampa Bay

So, RJ and I went away for the weekend to (belatedly) celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. In the meantime, we could not track progress at the house. Doesn’t sound  like a big deal, right? Well, normally I would say that, except so much has gone wrong and not been built the way it should be. Upon getting back late yesterday afternoon, we swung by the house to see what was done.

We walked in to the great room where our master bedroom is built off of. We noticed this massive gap under the bedroom door. We’ve noticed large gaps in other homes, but this is unacceptable to us. The average gap is 3/4″ from the flooring to the bottom of the door. This gap is over 2 inches from the tile to the bottom of the door. If I laid down on the ground you’d see the majority of my face. Completely and totally unacceptable. I mean, for the sheer fact that your privacy is taken down to about zero in your own master bedroom. Most of the doors in the house were cut this way. No no no no no. Not a happy girl.

Oh! Annnnnd, they were installed backwards. Awesome, right?!?


Now let’s meander over to my office space. I noticed last Wednesday that the wrong doors had been delivered to be installed. We are supposed to have 16(ish)-paned french doors. I immediately wrote an email pointing this fact out so that they might prevent these doors from being installed. and jump on the ball getting the correct doors. But, sadly, nope. Not the case. We walked in to these installed. *sigh* So another email sent.


What gets me most is that the issues that have been identified in the house have come from us. Our builder has not located any of the issues in the home. Now, our builder has been moved to another community and we have a new builder who has been unresponsive to date. Our move date was already pushed 6 weeks back to the end of August (we should be moving this week). We currently have a running list of about 13 issues that still need to be addressed, not including the two above. If we weren’t detailed-oriented, I swear nothing in the house would be right… Every issue equals more delays and pushes us further and further behind.

We’re reaching the end of our rope pretty quickly… :/