In Progress: Laundry Room

RJ was thoroughly excited when this house had an indoor laundry room.  He always hated going into the garage to do the laundry. While this isn’t the biggest laundry room, it has (almost) everything we need. We opted to add the cabinets during the build as opposed to waiting until after we moved in to install something. We also had a laundry tub installed, which for me, was one of the major reasons to add the cabinets. Without the cabinets, it is just a really unattractive massive plastic tub. At least here it’s in a granite surround with some storage underneath.

kerry blue terrier martha stewart laundry room

As you can see there isn’t too much going on. I painted it Kerry Blue Terrier by Martha Stewart and I love the look it gives the space. I do have a plan to add a small (stationary) roman shade to the window as well as a fold out apparatus to hang delicates and other things that cannot be dried. I have a couple of different ideas. For one, I know that we want to build some sort of folding table over the washer/dryer. But, I’ve also seen some that have pull out drying racks… so… that’s a thought. We shall see…

In Progress: Powder Room

I haven’t gotten very far in the grand scheme of things in the house. We have our staples for the most part, but I’ve had a plan for our powder room since I knew we’d have a half bath. I’m obsessed with navy blue and my grandfather’s stories from when he was in the navy. So this bathroom is basically my homage to him. We have very high ceilings, 10′ to be exact. So everything about this little space needed to be dramatic.

The jumping off point for the design of this space was the photo you see in the mirror there. I fell in love with it instantly and knew where I was going to go from there. I needed a bold yet muted navy. I know that Hale Navy is super popular right now, but of all the colors I considered, it hit the nail on the head. I was randomly walking through HomeGoods one day looking for stuff for the house and literally stumbled across this mirror. Amazing. Everyone who sees it… loves it.

hale navy benjamin moore powder room, hale navy bathroom, hale navy benjamin moore, navy bathroom with gold accents

We built the floating shelves over the toilet. We placed them higher because RJ is a tall dude (as is the rest of his side of the family) and I didn’t want to risk anyone bashing their head on the bottom of one. These shelves are VERY substantial. I can’t get enough of them. we stained them in Early American by Minwax. We took the extra step of conditioning the wood before staining so the color would be more even.

hale navy benjamin moore powder room, hale navy bathroom, hale navy benjamin moore, navy bathroom with gold accents


We say that this is in progress because I really want a more substantial sink. This is the one from Kohler we are thinking about. Rick also wants to replace the toilet with a comfort height toilet… You know, cause that whole tall thing… 😉

Design Decisions: Privacy for Sliding Doors

We knew when we started building our house that our double pocket sliding doors would be an issue when it came to dressing them. We do not live on a large enough plot of land to keep it open and unfortunately someone built a two-story home behind us, so they have the option to stare into our living room on a nightly basis.

We tried our own solution not long after we moved in… We did everything we could to prevent hiring someone to come in and fix it for us because of the sheer cost involved… Our solution was OK, but I’d mostly consider it a fail… We have about 21 linear feet of space that we needed to add privacy to, which provides little opportunity to have a seamless transition. In the end, when we couldn’t close the curtains without getting out a ladder as well as feeling claustrophobic because of the amount of space the curtains took up from being hung outside of the soffit.

I knew that we would need to have a track system, (one which didn’t involve vertical blinds) but, we  could not find any in the length that we needed. I’d post photos, but I only have a few bad ones from my cell phone as my regular camera was still packed away, so you’ll just have to trust that it didn’t fit the room… and was pretty unusable… All was not lost however… we utilized the curtains in our master bedroom and I’m contemplating using a couple of the panels in my office whenever I get around to it.

We ended up hiring an interior designer to help us with the process. We have will be using two fabrics, a patterned fabric to frame the sliders and then a solid for the interior, if that makes sense. We settled on these samples you see below.


Next, I taped them all up to the wall and stood back. I immediately knew which one was the winner, but knew I needed to look at them in various lights and angles……….

building a charmed life fabric choices for double pocket sliding glass doors

building a charmed life fabric choices for double pocket sliding glass doors
Voila! We have a patterned winner! Next up was choosing the solid.

building a charmed life fabric choices for double pocket sliding glass doors
Again, another winner. This solid, Hemp,  is much thicker than the ‘Linen’ sample we we considering. Plus, I feel like it goes with the creaminess of the patterned sample better.

building a charmed life fabric choices for double pocket sliding glass doors

building a charmed life fabric choices for double pocket sliding glass doors

These aren’t curtains that we will be keeping closed a good majority of the time, mainly just at night to give us some privacy and not feel like we are living in a fish bowl. Next up, is getting them made and installed… Hopefully, sometime within the next month, I’ll be able to show a before and after!


Our House Paint Scheme (so far)

Paint terrifies me. Absolutely terrifies me. I’ve spent the months since we’ve moved in trying to find a cohesive balance to the paint scheme of the house. There were paint swatches every where. I’d move them around, look at them throughout the entire day. It took me forever to make up my mind in certain places.

I’ll be honest, though… I KNEW when we started building that I wanted to paint the great room Revere Pewter. It was a color was had in our last home and We couldn’t get enough of it. So after we moved in, I immediately bought a gallon of it to get started. It was HORRENDOUS in here. There was no depth, no dimension to it. I didn’t even finish half a wall before I stopped and went back to the store. I was crushed. I wish I would have stopped long enough to take a photo… However, it had to go. Nonetheless, it really goes to show that no matter how it looks in one space, does not mean that it translates to another. Lesson learned. In the end, I went for Edgecomb Gray. It ended up looking more like Revere Pewter did in our previous house. Success!

I haven’t figured out two of the bedrooms upstairs, but for the most part, this is our house paint scheme. If you can’t tell, I’m a HUGE fan of Benjamin Moore paint colors. I think they have the best colors out there.

building a charmed life, whole house paint color scheme, edgecomb gray, revere pewter fail, benjamin moore paint, martha stewart paint

I really love softer muted colors, as you can tell with most of this scheme. I really wanted to make sure that the whole house flowed together and was comfortable and welcoming. I’ve seen some homes online that look like a 3 year old picked out the colors and I wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

I went bold in a couple of places and it was worth the gamble. The house is no where near finished being painted, going room by room… I’ll get there… Eventually.

Lessons Learned | Building a Home in Tampa Bay

I know, I know… BAAAAD Blogger. But, I’ve been plugging away with work and school. I’m at the tail end of school to finish my degree, so most of my focus has been on that. It’s been a little exhausting.

Now that we have been in the house for about 5 months, we’ve had time to see what we love and what we would do differently.

Things we love:

  • 8′ doors throughout the first floor: This really has helped open the space up and not seem so enclosed. Plus, RJ doesn’t have to duck going through them. This makes him happy.
  • Gourmet Kitchen: I really wanted the kitchen to be high-end and have double ovens. I love cooking in it. Plus, the layout works well for us.
  • Decorative ceiling: Our great room has the most amazing ceiling. Everyone loves it. It really sets off the area.
  • Laundry Room Cabinets and Tub: The cabinets are something that we would have done at a later time, but let’s face it.. having them in already crosses one more thing off the list. I use the tub all the time to wash out paint brushes, rinse out cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Tankless water heater: Endless supplies of hot water whenever we need it. Enough said.
  • Double Pocket Door Sliders: Amazing and really opens up the space. Probably won’t have them opened much of the summer, but we love having the extended living space.
  • Upgraded Elevation: We adore the front porch so much. We are glad to have upgraded the elevation level with the builder. The house just doesn’t look complete without that big beautiful porch.

Things we would have done differently:

  • Kitchen cabinets: Looking back, I really wish we had upgraded one more level of cabinets to get the full door overlay. We love the kitchen just really wish we had those full overlays. My biggest regret.
  • Not adding a window to our master bathroom. There was an option to upgrade the bathroom to include a bathtub that had a window, but we weren’t fans of the layout and rarely use a tub as is. We could have added a stationary long rectangular window to let in some natural light.
  • Asking for pocket doors in a couple locations (namely the powder bath)
  • Getting a door to the master bathroom, it would be difficult to add a door after the fact.
  • Rethinking several electrical locations; for instance, adding outlets in the eves of the house for hanging christmas lights.

Things we wish we could have done:

  • Three car garage. Period.

There is actually an option for a three car garage for this house, but we would have to give up the den and we weren’t fans of having a split garage. We didn’t want two driveways or a front yard full of concrete. We wish there was an option to have it all three together.

There you have it. Our lessons learned. I’ll be back soon!